How to build consistency?

Everybody tells me they lack consistency. Everybody!

If I have met 10 people today, 9 people have told me they lack consistency.

Now, I don’t know why it’s so difficult for everyone but let me confess. It was difficult for me too when I didn’t know how to master it.

You really need just ONE key to unlock the secret doors of consistency. Just one. It’s focus. It’s that simple.

Focus on one thing first and then keep on doing it again and again. That’s how you get perfect in practicing some thing or rather, anything. That is also basically how you can build consistency. When you build focus and consistency for one thing, only then move on to building the same for another thing and then for the another.

If you aren’t building focus then the consistency isn’t going to come on it’s own. Focus is what drives consistency. If you were doing nothing in an organized manner and now suddenly you have made a routine for yourself with 300 tasks and 250 goals for a day. Then let me tell you, you aren’t going to get consistent at any part of it. Because you aren’t focusing on one single thing or simply put, you’re focusing on nothing.

Now, for example I have a friend who is telling me from 3 years that soon he is going to get consistent at going to gym, praying regularly, reading books and eating a healthy diet. Well, guess what? He didn’t get consistent even at a single thing. All he is consistent at is telling me that he will get consistent.

So all you and he(my friend) needs to do is build focus. Focus on one thing at a time. That was in all bold for a reason. The reason is you can only walk one step at a time and the reason is this is the key that unlocks the door of consistency. Remember …

If you are focusing on too many things. You’re focusing nothing.

Disclaimer: My apologies to my friend whose example I have quoted. But this was necessary. I won’t mind if he punches me in my face for doing this.

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7 Responses

  1. Assalam O Alaikum!

    Consistency has been a vital key for me. I agree with you. The ‘focus’ comes out as the only solution to achieve it. I’ve talked about consistency in my articles as well as vlogs. I think two things buy you focus, 1. Believing in yourself, 2. Strong decision-making ability.

    Back in 2010, I decided that I love blogging and I won’t quit on blogging, no matter what. It worked for me as I diversified my career into freelance writing and blogging. That consistency actually took me where I’m today and I don’t want to stop. The hurdles, haters, and the obstacles are always there and will be there. All we need is to learn how to get past them.

    A great post indeed. Congrats.

    • Walaikum us Salam,

      First of all accept my appologies for approving your comment so late. WP listed it as spam for some reason so I missed it!

      Let me accept that I haven’t gone through your blog and vlog in detail. But I plan to connect with fellow bloggers after my exas which will be over by this week. Insha’Allah.

      Amazing bro! I also think that hurdles, haters and obstacles are there for a reason. If success becomes a piece of cake to achieve then there will be no satisfaction after acheiving it 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your story. Next blog post and vlog is about building focus. Hope to connect with you again soon.

      Your feedback was invaluable and absolutely delighted me!

  2. Syed Izatullah says:

    MashAllah, good efforts.
    بارك الله فيك
    I agree with you my dear, and I will just conclude your words with this quotation said by one of my friend:

    An Idea a day – Keeps Success away!

    First finish what’s on your plate then move to next…  For this you need to develop your FOCUS. (Follow One Course Until Success).

  3. Ali Raza says:

    Great Post Indeed.
    Like being said by You and Hassaan, Focus, Focus and Focus plays a very strong role. I truly agree with it.

    I also feel that we need to go by the sayings of Quaid, Once you take a decision, stand with it.

    The same theory I applied over my blog, and i feel its growing well and that was only possible with consistency.

    Lastly, with consistency i was able to overcome many of my mistakes, for instance Im not a writer by nature but with consistency, I didnt know how but my writing style has been improved over the time.

    It was a good read, Luqman Bhai!

    • Thank you Ali Bhai for taking time to read my blog post and stopping by to comment. This really means a lot.

      True. Your blog is amazing example of consistency, hard work and patience. Many of us who have good skills at blogging give up in 6 weeks if they don’t see good results.

      Stay blessed.

  1. June 17, 2016

    […] is the most important thing if you want to build consistency. If you aren’t building focus, you aren’t going anywhere. You can try doing everything […]

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