These 2 Things Make it Hard to Achieve Greatness in Life

Some people tell me that they want to achieve greatness in life. In professional, personal life or whatever. Greatness is greatness. While, many people tell me they are absolutely fine with not achieving greatness and that they just want to chill, relax and enjoy the moment.

Who is right and who is wrong? Is none of our business. What our business is who we want to become.

If you think greatness comes by luck. Change your friends, they are all mediocres. Because your friends influence your mentality and if you dwell around mediocre people you’ll retreat to mediocrity.

What is our first response after retreating to mediocrity? Of course, feeling satisfied. We feel satisfied by being a mediocre and feed ourselves with illogical arguments, like not everyone has the luxury of what we have. This is not gratitude, my friend.

Don’t fool yourself with it.

Gratitude is being grateful even if you have absolutely nothing! What I’m really talking about is, is satisfaction. When you let your satisfaction take over your passion, is the day you retreat to mediocrity. This is how civilizations of the past achieved greatness by having the warrior mindset and when their cities started flooding with gold they would feel satisfied and stop striving. They would call this gratitude, when in reality it was their satisfaction taking over their passion.

That is when they allowed their swords to rust and their glasses to be full of wine and that marked the end of the period of their greatness.

The Second Thing That Won’t Let You Achieve Greatness

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be greedy for achieving greatness. Being greedy and being passionate are two different things. Greed is when you don’t want to stop. Passion is when you can’t stop because your work is really important and it makes a difference in someone’s life. While, greed makes difference only in your life and your actions are dictated by how much you get not how much you let others to take.

There is a thin line between passion and greed. Many people who are passionate in the beginning don’t even get to know when they have crossed the line and how they ended up walking in the territory of greed. That is why most of the achievers are known to be stubborn, selfish and greedy. Because, probably they are!

I don’t think this statement would be far from the truth if I say,

“Half of the people who don’t achieve greatness in life is because they are satisfied with mediocrity. The other half, are just too greedy.”


Remember this …

A warrior can not get satisfied. Because the moment he rests, is the moment he is put to rest.

If you are too greedy. You’ll move too fast and miss the greatest opportunities. Because they are disguised in the clothes of the worst. So that, only few can find them.

Let not your satisfaction or greed stop you from achieving greatness in life.


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5 Responses

  1. Muhammad Salman says:

    How thoughtful, especially when you said how satisfaction alone isn’t the problem but so is greed.

    Some of these lines were too good and penetrating. Thank you for this article.

  2. Muhammad Sohaib says:

    Trees grow in a forest and also grow in a garden but what’s the difference between trees of the forest and of the garden? that’s apparent to all of us. .
    The difference made by a good writer in a social leader is same as the difference made by the gardener
    Thanks for giving me food for thought and good piece of literature.

  1. December 16, 2016

    […] that ring any bells? This shows not only how greedy we are but also how impatient we are. Patience, my friend. Is the most underrated variable to the equation […]

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