4 Tips for Effective Content Production

4 Tips for Effective Content Production

Before I tell you the 4 Tips for Effective Content Production, let me tell you how did they come to me. Yesterday, when I got back home from my office I was thinking that I should meet new people and talk to them. Because, I think I can help some people. With that thought I created a virtual meetup on Zoom.us and shared the link in my Personal Development Facebook group.

The people who joined me in the meetup where Haris (my childhood friend) and Hassaan Khan (a content writer & vlogger). Haris told us that he has been trying to run his Youtube channel and had some issues producing content regularly. We drilled down in to his problems and gave him some solid to the point advises that we thought can solve his problems.

The content that was delivered over in that meetup was so empowering that I thought that I should really make a blogpost out of it. So, here are those 4 Tips for Effective Content Production that are going to help Haris and you can use them too!

Create Your Own Content

The first tip for effective content production is to create your own content. The importance of producing your own content rather than curating* other people’s content can’t be ignored. Because when you produce your own content and share it with your audience a number of things happen. Not only they start to recognize you as an authority but also they develop an emotional attachment with you and your content (because you are educating them). Which would eventually become a reason for them to come back to your website or social media accounts to consume your content. Also when you keep producing your content you keep getting better at it with time.

(*Content Curation is picking up other people’s content and then adding your opinion on the top of it and then sharing it with your audience, read more.)

Produce Content at Scale

There is always going to be a never ending debate about is it better to produce content in Quantity or to produce Quality content? Well, how about doing both? Or if you can’t produce content in quality why not just increase the quantity and let the quantity cover up the numbers that were supposed to go down because of quality not being present.

But producing content at scale isn’t about producing content in quantity without quality. But producing content at scale is more about producing content Smartly. It’s about being creative about how many ways you can create content out of same experience. For example, if you are attending a subject related guest lecture. Most of the times what people do is they record the lecture and share it with their audience. How about producing 3 uniquely impressive pieces of content rather than just one out of same experience? You can record the experience and stories of other attendees during the break or when the lecture is over. You can go in person to the guest speaker and ask an in depth question or something related to their story and record that too. Well, now you have created three engaging pieces of content rather than just one which you can share with your audience. So, get creative about not just your content but also about how you produce your content.

Quality of Audience

Sometimes, content producers who aim to educate their audience want to give up because they think less people are interested in educational content and mostly people are interested in entertaining content. Let me be very clear about it, this is a paradox. Don’t fall for it. As true as it sounds it doesn’t affect you. Why? Because, no matter how many people are consuming entertainment content the quality of audience is always higher at your end when you are producing educational content. The percentage of aspiring actors or comedians in an audience consuming entertainment content is usually very low. So, if an entertainer wants to sell a training program or an ebook it is going to be hard for them to sell that to their audience. Let alone, setting up proper sales funnel to make consistent passive income.

But you as an educational content creator, you have the power that you haven’t realized yet. Your audience is hungry for content and in most cases they are willing to pay if the content is good enough. You can sell ebooks or courses. Heck, you can even build proper sales funnel and make consistent and stable passive income. So, don’t let this paradox stop you from giving your passion your best, every day!

Produce Daily Content

How often should I produce content? Whether you produce content in written, audio or video form this question isn’t a question of the age. Because you should be producing content daily if not several times a day. Most content producers and marketers fail to realize that their audience has a daily need to consume content.

Let me explain that to you, we all experience evenings where we are so tired due to work load and stress that we want to sit back and relax for a while. We keep scrolling our newsfeeds on our phone just to find an interesting piece of content or something that is funny enough to make us laugh very hard. Until our mood gets lightened we keep hunting for such content. Then there are days when we are lazy or occupied and we don’t get much accomplished of what we wanted. When we finally get time to do our thing, we lack the motivation and drive. That is when we look for content that is motivational and uplifting. After consuming such content we are ready to accomplish with quite a bit of ease what was previously requiring too much emotional effort from us.

Also, there are hours or days when we feel not only motivated but at top levels of our energy and we want to learn something new and if we don’t learn something during that time, guilt hits us really hard! That is the time when your audience actually ‘needs’ your content. You can’t expect someone to be your loyal fan when you are denying to address their only need that you can fulfill.

But That is Difficult?

Just put out content daily. It doesn’t have to be an hour long video or a 3000 words blog post. I can be a casual Instagram picture with a caption that can add value to someone’s life or a 2 minutes video on Facebook or an occasional live session.

The goal here is not to test your skills but to address the daily need of your audience. However, when you push yourself to create content daily. You not only improve very rapidly at producing content but you also learn and create innovative ways to produce content.

Want to Stay Updated?

So, these were 4 tips for effective content production from me and Hassaan Khan. Want to get more tips and helpful material delivered to your inbox every week? Subscribe to my mailing list below.

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4 Responses

  1. Luqman and Hassaan I love your advice guys. Especially creating content daily. Do a FB Live video or podcast, or write a post. No need to blog daily but at least create something. I publish 7-10 new pieces of content every day. I’m an addict LOL.

    • Thank you for dropping a comment and also tweeting the post Ryan. Well, that sound intereng. You do that for one blog or do you have multiple blogs? Also, it seems you are very passionate about blogging?

  2. AOA Luqman bhai,

    I enjoyed the live session. We should do it more often. I’m glad that I got to share a few tips with your audience.

    The benefit of Facebook live is that we can use the embedded code to put the video in our blog post. Ryan and other bloggers do this, and it’s quite effective.

    I know Zoom has its perks; you get to meet multiple folks at the same time, but if the video (of live session) goes away the moment you end up the session, then it’s a bit disappointing from the content curation standpoint. Isn’t it?

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Well, I think Zoom and Facebook both have got their own perks. Those of Facebook are what you mentioned. But the content that goes away the second it ends has it’s own unique qualities. It is like real life. Where you can say anything you like and it won’t be documented.

      Because, of this people are more comfortable and they are more likely to open up. The level of deepness of conversations would be much higher naturally than a Facebook live.

      However, with that being said I don’t think one is better than other. They both are unique in approach and serve a different purpose.

      Yes, we should definitely continue the Facebook Live sessions.

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