Category: Mindset


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fear Failing

A lot of people fear failures so much that just because of their fear of failure they don’t accomplish anything in life. Because if we fear our failures and we hate them then what could possibly motivate us to try out new things in...


Why we Fail at Changing Ourselves?

A colleague, who has also became a good friend of mine over time, asked me yesterday, “Why do I fail at changing myself while you were able to transform yourself so easily?” “Easily?” I asked, “Why do we want everything to happen easily?” This...


Why Having a Purpose in Life is Important?

Every now and then, people ask me how to stay motivated? How to build consistency at something? Or how to form positive habits? Instead, of answering their questions or giving them some “great life tips”. I ask them how not to stay motivated? How...


These 2 Things Make it Hard to Achieve Greatness in Life

Some people tell me that they want to achieve greatness in life. In professional, personal life or whatever. Greatness is greatness. While, many people tell me they are absolutely fine with not achieving greatness and that they just want to chill, relax and enjoy...

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