Master Your Fears – One Day Workshop at Quetta

Ever wondered what a dream really is?

Humans are known to see dreams. Dreams are what eyes can’t see but the human mind produces them. There are many scientific and philosophical explanations about the phenomena of dreaming.

The crazy ones who change world - Steve Jobs

But one thing is for sure that a human brain experiences the illusions of a dream only while a person is sleeping.

But there are a few human beings whom the world calls the ‘crazy ones’  because they see dreams in the day while they are awake.

Every rational Human brain criticizes them or tends to criticize them. That is why many people don’t support them, mock them or even oppose them totally or to a certain extent. Only a few, if any, support them and their ideas.

Their idea is to think the un-thinkable, to plan the un-planable, to do the impossible and to achieve the unachievable. In life they don’t want to merely survive; all they know is to win.

We see problems, they talk about solutions. We long for opportunities they create them. We hide our fears, they face them. To them only sky is the limit!

We live in a world where we are surrounded by fears. Mostly, our choice is to hide from them. Fear of failure, social insecurities, peer pressure and the list goes on and on. We have only two options either to hide our fears or to fight with them.

I always learned to know my fears, how to tackle them, fight them and finally win over them. Mastering to win over our fears is an essential art in order to live a successful life.

With that in mind, after completing my BS in Computer Science from BUITEMS Quetta, I decided to arrange a workshop there to explain all this to students and to make them aware of ‘fear-factor’ in life and how to master to win over their fears.

Master Your Fears Luqman Khan

The workshop was named “Master Your Fears” and arranged on 24th September 2014 in the Green Hall at Takatu Campus, BUITEMS. The workshop was divided in 6 session in the following order:

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Master your fears.
  3. Attitude Transformation.
  4. Explore Opportunities.
  5. Build a team.
  6. Bring a change.

Know yourself

Know Yourself - Aristotle

This session enabled the attendees to explore their selves in a unique way rather than ‘who they think they are’. This session emphasized on assessing ourselves in the perspective of the reality of world rather than our own secure life.

The attendees were told how 25,000 people around the world die of hunger everyday and how food gets wasted and people feed their families on wasted food (leftovers). Which enabled the attendees to think out of the box and know themselves in the perspective of the humanity rather than in the perspective of their own secure life.

Master your fears

Understand Fear - bruce lee


This session encompassed the strategies to find the hidden fears and to overcome them. Some motivational stories of successful people were shared that how they fought with their fears and became from no one to someone who changed the course of history.

Attitude Transformation

Bad attitude Quote

To do good one must have a positive attitude. Sometimes, while doing something good we often make a few enemies. Obviously we didn’t harm anyone but probably our attitude did.

This session focused on how one can get rid of ‘I can’t do it’ to a ‘yes, I can do it!’ attitude while caring for everyone around.

Master Your fears Master Your Fears audience

Explore Opportunities

regretting opportunities

This session focused on how one can explore the opportunities which are around. Sometimes, we spend too much time regretting after letting an opportunity go. Overcoming this is important to explore new opportunities.

Some ideas were also shared about how one can create opportunities instead of waiting for them!

Build a Team

Together we are an ocean

There are many things in life that can’t be done alone. For that, one must have a team. For example one can’t win a football world cup alone. In order to do that one must work not only on just his or her own skills but also on how to perform great in a team.

Team work requires patience, positive attitude, a common goal and certain other things. The more a team is willing to work together the better it will be towards achieving its goals.

Bring a Change

After knowing yourself, mastering your fears, transforming your attitude, exploring opportunities and building a team it is the right time to bring a change!

You can change your life

It doesn’t matter how big or small the change is. What matters is how positive it is and how many problems this change can fix. Launching a university wide or a city wide clean up awareness program might not be a big change but it certainly is going to be welcomed because it is much needed and it might only be a beginning.

Because now for you, sky is the limit!
Master Your fears Master Your Fears audience full view

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13 Responses

  1. Muhammad Junaid Sultan says:

    Masha ALLAH brother it is great… i missed the session but i hope it really worked 🙂 God bless you

  2. marjan says:

    Bravo ! I really appreciate the efforts.

  3. Neelam A says:

    Absolutely Marvellous. Splendid job Luqman..
    Keep it Up!

  4. Rabia Qadar says:

    asalam o alaikum,
    luqman khan,
    i have been observing your efforts since last few months and i want to tell you that you are doing great brother. your passion is vast, and as you said build a team i am here to offer my services for your cause and passion if you need any help i will be pleased to be of great one.
    thank you
    well done and keep it up!

  5. Hi Luqman bro,
    Thats awesome!
    I would love to attend any of your workshop soon, Insha Allah 🙂
    Loving the quotes.
    ~ Ahmad

  6. Adam says:

    Hello Luqman,

    I’m kinda new here and I guess the workshop seems quite wonderful. I wish there could be any online stream access to your workshops.


  7. Assalam U Alaikum Luqman,

    We have just written an article on our blog regarding you and embedded your video there too, Hope you like it.



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