Why you shouldn’t be using Smartphone at Night

Do you know using smartphone at night can mess with your sleep? If you don’t sleep well you are likely to have impaired memory, a bad mood and become less productive.

Here is a short video which explains what happens when you check your smartphone before going to sleep.

A research conducted in University of Hertfordshire found out that six in ten people in Britain get less than 7 hours of sleep that puts them at risk to cancer, diabetes and heart attacks. It further stated that 80 percent of these people use technology before going to sleep which exposes them to blue light.

The blue light emitted from the screen of the smartphones tell your brain that it is day time. The brain understands the message and responds by not allowing you to fall asleep. Here’s what’s wrong about it. Your brain doesn’t start secreting a fluid called Melatonin.

Melatonin is responsible to make you fall asleep. The higher the levels of Melatonin the deeper your sleep is going to be. If you are looking at your computer screen or smartphone and not going to bed when you were supposed be then the Neurons in your brain start producing toxins (which is bad). Now, when you go to sleep your active neurons go to rest and toxins are being cleaned up (which is good).

Problems Caused by Sleep Deprivation

The bad thing though is if you sleep late you are likely to fall short of sleep and wake up before going to work having 5 to 6 hours of sleep. Which is not enough to clean up the excess toxins and that is going to cause a number of problems.

You’re likely to have a bad mood, your ability to make decisions is going to be effected and your memory gets impaired. Well, that’s not all folks. Because of toxins your insulin sensitivity gets messed up which can cause weight gain or even Type-2 diabetes.

The body goes into anabolic state during the night and produces testosterone. Testosterone’s basic function is to maintain sex drive and it is also related to a number of other functions like maintaining and producing muscle fibers and keeping you active.

But because of staying up late at night your testosterone levels will be slightly lower than normal the next day. Resulting in being less energetic, inactive and getting exhausted before completing your work.

TechInsider did a fine job by summing up a lot of facts in a single Infographic.

Effects of Blue Light on Brain

Business insider reported that sleep deprivation can expose you to 25 fatal risks. Some of them are Migraines, lack of focus, poor vision, depression and even cancer.

The good news is there are a number of ways to get rid of using smartphones or computers when it’s time to sleep.

Four Ways to Sleep Better

4 ways to sleep better

#1 – Follow a Routine

Following a routine is always a good idea. It helps you give up bad and unhealthy habits and stay motivated while developing positive habits. The challenge is to adapt to an organized lifestyle that follows a routine.

#2 – Shut down Computers and Switch off Smartphones

Shutting down computers and switching off smartphones after 8:00 PM is a great idea. Consider switching off Television too if it’s much of a problem. It helps to stay away from working, using social networking sites or watching TV shows and enables you to spend some good time with family. A dinner without tweeting or texting at all makes a great dinner.

#3 – Install Applications that Eliminate Blue Light

If by any chance you have to work until it is absolutely the time to go to the bed then installing applications like F.Lux (PC) or Twlight (Android) is what you should consider. They eliminate the blue light from the screens and make use of red or green light. This way you will be able to fall asleep during the night rather ending up working ’till the morning.

#4 – Prepare for the Next day

If you can’t fall asleep then preparing for the next is something worth trying. You can do a number of things like preparing your dress, making a list of things to be done or perhaps making up your mind about which socks you are going to put on the next day. It helps you focus about the things that you should be doing instead of what you are doing. This helps to get rid of distractions that are making you unable to fall asleep.

While trying to stop using smartphones at night it all boils down to developing self-control. Which doesn’t happen in a day but one can master self-control by doing conscious effort each day. The author of Think and Grow Rich puts it really well.

You either control your mind or it controls you.

— Napoleon Hill


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